Michael E. (freakengine) wrote in ourmemphis,
Michael E.

Well, it's that time again.  That's right:  it's FreakEngine Friday!!!

Forget the ridiculous parking problems and the mud and rain at Musicfest.  This month we're taking a cue from our friends to the south and hosting the FreakEngine Cinco de Mayo Festival. (Before I forget, we have FreakEngine T-shirts available for only $15).

We will have our annual Mexican Hat Dance Contest (and T-shirts for sale), the hilarious improv antics you've come to expect, and a special appearance by the crowd favorite, Larry Clark (who might be wearing a stylish FE T-shirt!)

It's the last show before our Tenth Anniversary and, as always, the show is at midnight at TheatreWorks on Overton Square.  Admission is still only $5 (with a T-shirt that's only twenty bucks.)

Bring a friend and share the funny.

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